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imageI am following a blogger called who I am crazy about! She writes the most helpful posts about blogging, how to-manuals about photography, editing and so on. She recently came out with free photo packs for downloading. I downloaded all of them because I think it’s a great idea to have photos free of use on your blog! I know that she didn’t (yet) make a photopack who is directed at beauty bloggers but I still love the feeling and vibe of her photos and I’m sure that I (and maybe you?) could find them helpful.

I’m thinking maybe in a blog post that’s imagea bit out of my usual beauty regime – maybe about how I like to edit my photos, plan my blogging schedule, how to get ideas etc.

If you are smart 😉 – Go download your own free photopack at and follow her, she’s so talented. She even sells these beatiful templates on etsy that I would love to get because again, her vibe and feeling og design is beautiful!

Not sponsored in any way, it’s my own opinions :).

the pictures in this post is from her photopacks







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