Makeup for Baby Massage Class and a few benefits of baby massage


Okay, no judgement :). I went to a baby massage class today with my 3 month old baby boy. I really want to learn the technique and I’m glad I went because I got to hear all of the benefits of baby massage.

Being a makeup junkie like me of course I need to wear a little bit of makeup. As I sad – no judgement! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even though I am in the company of other mothers who hardly get any sleep, bags under the eyes, comfy clothes etc. I like to wear just a little bit of makeup – that’s just me.

Today I had exactly 3 minutes to do any kind of improvement to my look. I chose the 123 Perfect CC cream from Bourjois. Bourjois just can do no wrong when it comes to skin in my opinion. The 123 Perfect CC cream has corrective pigments which is why I chose it. No time for extra concealing only a few dabs of my Maybelline EyeEraser which I also love. It conceals those dark circles like no other.PSX_20160210_140849

Then another multi-use product for the cheeks: Daniel Sandler Radiant Sheen illuminating face powder. Here you just swirl the brush around the pallette and you get both the bronzer, blush and highligter effect.

At the end a coat of mascara. No time for brows today, they will just have to live with my uncoloured brows :).

The actual baby massage:

For anyone interested in baby massage, they actually advised us to use coconut oil for the massage as it is one of the purest oils to use for babies. I already have a post about the benefits of coconut oil – find it here. In the class they teached a technique that comes from India and studies have shown just how beneficial massage is to babies. They get more grounded, trusty, get a sense of their own boundaries and are less likely to be bullies when they grow up. I already gave my baby boy his first massage and he enjoyed it it seemed :).




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