Review: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Zero Minus

Face Atelier Zero MinusIn my recent splurge from I bought the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero Minus. As I mentioned before I am very pale to the point that I have difficulty finding a colour that suits me, unless the brand has chosen to have a very wide range of foundations. One of my favorite YouTube makeup artists Lisa Eldridge talked about this product, Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero minus, which is used for toning down the colour of the foundation. This is especially beneficial for skin tones like mine (almost white in the winter time).

I have been excited to try it because I have a lot of foundation bottles just lying around at home. They are often two, maybe three tones darker than my skin tone. I don’t know WHY I bought them in the first place but sometimes the lightest colour in the range just seems too light – but it really isn’t, at least not in winter.

Today I opened the Face Atelier foundation to start the experiment with mixing and matching to my skin tone. I recently bought the EX1 foundation in the colour F100, the lightest in the range. It’s too dark for my skin tone as usual and I was so sad about it because I like the foundation and how it wears. I put one pump of the EX1 and two pumps of this white fluid from Face Atelier in the palm of my hand and mixed them. I couldn’t believe it but the mixture started to blend and get lighter before my eyes! img_20160218_114538.jpg

I applied the foundation as I would any other foundation  – with my Sigma F80 Kabuki brush. The colour truly matched my skintone and I am exstatic! This means that I can wear all of the foundations from my foundation “graveyard”. The Face Atelier foundation doesn’t change the texture or any other things about the EX1 foundation which makes me thrilled. I really liked the look and feel of the EX1 foundation, you don’t really notice that you are wearing foundation – it’s so light and skin like.

Just to make sure that it didn’t only work with the EX1 foundation I wanted to try  mixing it with another brand. In my haul a few weeks ago I bought the L’Oréal Lumi Magique light infusion foundation. But to my regret I bought the wrong colour. I’m probably a R/C 1 but somehow I ended up bying R/C/K4! That is sooo much darker than my skin tone and would be impossible for me to use at any time of year. The Face Atelier Zero Minus lightened the L’Oréal Lumi Magique foundation to the point that I’m now able to wear it. I’m gonna get so much use out of this Face Atelier Foundation – I love when that happens!

I highly recommend this product for those of you who are either pale like me or if you have a lot of foundations lying around that are too dark. You will get much more use out of your foundations with this product, because you now can wear it all year round from your darkest to your lightest skin tone.

For those of us in Europe, buy it here at (post is not sponsored ;))



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