My Makeup Geek Collection – eyeshadows, blushes and more!

PSX_20160224_100449As many of you already know I have a love relationship with Makeup Geek eyeshadows. It was initially introduced to me by Makeup Artist and Youtube phenomenon Jaclyn Hill. She used the eyeshadows religiously and often compared them to her M.A.C eyeshadows. She worked at M.A.C for many years and also love their shadows but said that she liked Makeup Geek eyeshadows even more for their pigmentation and blendability. I wanted to get the shadows for so long and I found the website and also found Marlena who is the owner of the company. She has a Youtube channel as well where she shares some educational stuff about makeup; ingredients, techniques etc. I love watching both Jaclyn Hill and Marlenas channels!

Initially, when I bought my first bunch of shades, I had to buy them directly from the website. It’s an American brand and therefore I had to pay a lot in taxes and custom fees. At first I bought eyeshadows recommended by Jaclyn Hill in her i Youtube Channel. She is in love with warm shades; browns, reds, oranges, peaches so that’s what I bought. The colours are amazing and the shades are a joy to use. But I found that the colours where a little wrong for me. I’m extremely fair and with slightly cold undertones to my skin, which means that oranges, reds and browns can tend to make me look sick, sort of drown me. I have so much red to my skin, so when I add it to my eyes I just look plain sick :). I got more educated about my own skin tone and undertone as the time went by which made me buy another bunch from her website about a year ago. I did a blog post about it which is very popular. Click here  here to watch my cool tone Makeup Geek eyeshadow haul.

When I found out that picked up Makeup Geek as a brand I splurged on even more cool tone eyeshadows, some foiled eyeshadows, some duochrome eyeshadows and one more blush pan. The Makeup Geek blushes are equally nice, blends well, beautiful shades and just plain yummy!

At the moment I am totally satified with my shade selection, just kidding – I always want more! But I am content with my shades, I can do a lot of different eye looks, purple, grey, blue, brown etc. The whitest shades I use as transition colours (that’s how fair I am). The light purples and pinks I also use as transition colours and the darker shades in the outer V of the eye. The foiled shadows are used on the eyelid to give that pop to the eye.

If you don’t own any shades from Makeup Geek yet I highly recommend to purchase a few. It’s a good idea to figure out which eye looks you like to wear – which skin tone are you? fair, light, medium, dark and also think about the undertone to your skin – are you more red or yellow? I did a blog post about finding your undertone click here to read. Also know that you need both matte and shimmer eyeshadows. The matte eyeshadows are used as transition colours (in the crease) and the shimmer eye shadows are best used for the eyelid. It’s a little rule that of course can be broken but it’s a rule none the less :).

Starting kit, warm tones:

Colours like these are good for warmer skin tones.

Peach Smoothie

Creme Brulee

Cocoa Bear


In the Spotlight (foiled eyeshadow)



Starting kit, cool tones:

Colours like these are excellent for cool toned ladies

White Lies


Petal Pusher

Barcelona Beach



Whimsical (foiled eyeshadow).

…. And all the colours in between… 🙂

References – to buy in the states: – to buy in Europe , no custom fee and free shipping in Denmark when you buy for more than 143 dkk!!




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