Scandinavian living – home tour!

PSX_20160302_124320Hello everyone! This time I’m doing something a little different. I wanted to do kind of a “show and tell” blog post about Scandinavian living. This blog is mostly about my love of makeup, but in reality I love interior design, creative lifestyle, fashion etc. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. When we have this much of an interest in makeup it’s only one way of expressing creatively, but that goes hand in hand with expressing creatively in other fields such as the above mentioned.

I live in Denmark which is a part of Scandinavia, which most people know. Scandinavia is Danmarkthe most northern part of Europe and at the moment it is freeezing cold! About 0 degress and we all walk around in our big winter coats and are looking forward to spring time.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit about Scandinavian living. It might be interesting for someone? Scandinavia consists of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Some people might know Denmark if they have an interest in designer furniture. But most people know Sweden and the brands IKEA and H&M which are Swedish.

Scandinavian style is often represented by light, simple decor using natural materials as wood in the design. The colours are often light and breezy. You’ll find the colours grey in any variantion,  light blue, blue, mint and brown. The most important colour, though, is WHITE! We love all things white and it’s not unusual to see high end homes with white walls, light wooden floors, light grey/white couch, wooden coffe table, fireplace with birch wood as a display, Wegner Y-chair and Tom Dixon (even though there’s nothing Scandinavian about him :)) big copper lamps hanging above the dining table. I would say that this is as Scandivanian as it gets :).

I have some favorite brands that are Scandinavian. I love a brand like Ferm Living which has a “tight” scandinavian feel without too many bells and whistles. It’s simple, edgy, elegant and natural in my opinion. The Balloon Lamp in my sons nursery is from Ferm Living. My daughter has a lamp shaped like a dear in the same wood material – it’s gorgeous!

Pictures from my home: top left, son’s nursery, top right, living room ‘playing ground’, bottom are both shots of the living room.

I also love a brand like Bloomingville which is Danish. It is beautiful and feminin, with a light feeling. I do like the scandinavian style; the light, natural and breezy feeling. I’m trying my best to incorporate it in the styling of my home. I use light colours with black and metallic accents. I also like to incorporate plant and the colour greens to have that feeling of nature inside. I feel like I’m never quite done with styling my home and it changes all the time, with the seasons, with my mood, with trends etc.

What’s your home style like?



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