Ellos.com and Babysam haul!!

PSX_20160305_143348Hello everyone! I just recently went out to Babysam and also did a little shopping online on Ellos.com. Babysam is, for those of you who are not Danish a huge store filled with baby stuff. http://www.Ellos.com is a Swedish based online clothing, furniture, makeup and shoe store. I didn’t use to think much of Ellos, but they have made a huge kind of comeback and one of their top sellers I’m sure is this Moroccan inspired black and white rug (which I alsoEllos Pure Deco bought). Ellos have this new beautiful Pure Deco Collection which has a real Scandaniavian and light feel about it. I wish I could buy the whole collection but I did purchase some of the pillows. The pillows shown in my picture are all from http://www.Ellos.com. Bonus info – if you search online for codes for reduction and Ellos you’ll find that they sometimes have huuuge discounts on al ready discounted items. If any one of you are interesed I can do a clothing haul as well – I bought beautiful things for the spring as well – all marked down immensely. I think that Ellos sell in both Europe and The States – it says so on their website.

When I went to Babysam, they had a little corner with a sale on. That’s where I found the blue pouf and the cute little neon orange and white striped toy. I have a vision of which style i like to have in my house. I find inspiration in Pinterest and in Houzz.com. I’ve used Houzz.com for a couple of years – I love it! There are so many pictures to inspire and they have a excellent build-in search function. It lets you search in a very specific way e.g. I have a 70’es mint tiled bathroom in my house and I didn’t know what to do with it! I knew that we wouldn’t have the time or the money to do anything major to it at the moment. The search function i Houxx.com gave me a lot of options for the bathroom. I ended up really loving my bathroom as it is with  the things I added – I just didn’t see the opportunities before.

I have made a blog post about my Scandinavian Home, click here to read. I have a vision about a simple, airy and light baby boys nursery. I want the main colour to be white with accents of baby blues and greens. This vision I like to follow through in the living room, where we have a play area for the baby. I want the baby/play area to be cohesive with the rest of the room because it’s also the family living room. I like light colours with accents of black and dark blue to give the room some dimension. Rooms with light colours only have a risk of looking boring and bland, I think.



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