Ellos.com and Babysam haul!!

PSX_20160305_143348Hello everyone! I just recently went out to Babysam and also did a little shopping online on Ellos.com. Babysam is, for those of you who are not Danish a huge store filled with baby stuff. http://www.Ellos.com is a Swedish based online clothing, furniture, makeup and shoe store. I didn’t use to think much of Ellos, but they have made a huge kind of comeback and one of their top sellers I’m sure is this Moroccan inspired black and white rug (which I alsoEllos Pure Deco bought). Ellos have this new beautiful Pure Deco Collection which has a real Scandaniavian and light feel about it. I wish I could buy the whole collection but I did purchase some of the pillows. The pillows shown in my picture are all from http://www.Ellos.com. Bonus info – if you search online for codes for reduction and Ellos you’ll find that they sometimes have huuuge discounts on al ready discounted items. If any one of you are interesed I can do a clothing haul as well – I bought beautiful things for the spring as well – all marked down immensely. I think that Ellos sell in both Europe and The States – it says so on their website.

When I went to Babysam, they had a little corner with a sale on. That’s where I found the blue pouf and the cute little neon orange and white striped toy. I have a vision of which style i like to have in my house. I find inspiration in Pinterest and in Houzz.com. I’ve used Houzz.com for a couple of years – I love it! There are so many pictures to inspire and they have a excellent build-in search function. It lets you search in a very specific way e.g. I have a 70’es mint tiled bathroom in my house and I didn’t know what to do with it! I knew that we wouldn’t have the time or the money to do anything major to it at the moment. The search function i Houxx.com gave me a lot of options for the bathroom. I ended up really loving my bathroom as it is with  the things I added – I just didn’t see the opportunities before.

I have made a blog post about my Scandinavian Home, click here to read. I have a vision about a simple, airy and light baby boys nursery. I want the main colour to be white with accents of baby blues and greens. This vision I like to follow through in the living room, where we have a play area for the baby. I want the baby/play area to be cohesive with the rest of the room because it’s also the family living room. I like light colours with accents of black and dark blue to give the room some dimension. Rooms with light colours only have a risk of looking boring and bland, I think.



Author: Dittes makeup

Jeg har lagt makeup på mig selv og veninder i hele min ungdom. Jeg har mit eget touch og finder gerne mærker, som jeg skal lede længe for at finde. Jeg elsker at lege med makeup og se, hvordan det bare GØR noget ved ansigtet. Der er flere dage om ugen, hvor jeg ikke går med makeup - flest dage, hvor jeg er hjemme ;). Når jeg er ude kan jeg ikke lade være at lægge en fin makeup. Any excuse til at eksperimentere med et nyt look!

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