My top 5 foundations: Bourjois, EX1, Cover FX and Estee Lauder Enlighten EE

PSX_20160410_151717I do love my foundations, and I have a lot of them! But I do reach for some more than other. Here is a top 5 of the ones I like the most and why I like them the most :). I usually gravitate towards foundations with a sheer to medium coverage with a dewy effect. My skin is dry and I like to add some glow from the foundation but still have it look natural.

The foundations are named in no particular order:


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum: This brand and this foundation is widely known in the PSX_20160410_154847beauty community. I’m not gonna lie, I have 3 foundations from from Bourjois alone and two of them made it in to my top 5. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is a gel foundation who blends easily into the skin. It contains vitamins from the fruits lychee, goji berries and pomegranate. I don’t know if that’s noticible, but it does feel lovely on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling dewy even though it says on the bottle “semi-matte”. It stays on throughout the day, it doesn’t settle in fine lines and it doesn’t stick to any dry patches on the skin. I love this foundation – I have nothing bad to say about it! It fits my skin perfectly because i’m quite dry during winter. It has a sheer coverage but can be built up to almost a full coverage I would say.



EX1 Invisiwear liquid foundation: This foundation I had to buy PSX_20160410_152547because of it’s rave amongst the Beaty Gurus on Youtube. I bought mine on – a beauty website who sells in Europe. This foundation is supposed to be excellent for warmer skin tones, because it has yellow undertones. I am more neutral/cool toned so it is a little yellow on my skin tone but it is beautiful none the less. It glides on the skin beautifully and has a skin like texture which makes it look a lot like your own skin. I bought mine in F100 and it’s too dark (of course :). I mix the EX1 foundation with my Face Atelier Zero Minus foundation and it’s a good match. Maybe I will reach for this foundation just a bit more come summer when my skin gets a little bit darker.


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Estée Lauder Enlighten EE Even Effect Skintone Corrector: I reach for this foundation a PSX_20160410_152750tonne. It’s just so incredibly easy to use in your daily makeup routine. I feel like I reach more for it when my skin is in good condition – but just needs a little bit evening out. This foundation does exactly what it promises; it evens out the skintone and leaves a wonderful dewy and glowing skin. It’s kind of sheer and doesn’t really build up to much more than that. But that’s no problem if you like a BB-cream kind of formula and effect. It says on the back of the tube that you can wear it alone or under foundation. I have never tried that, but I dont really go for full coverage at any time. If I need a full coverage it’s usually underneath my eyes and I will use a corrector and a concealer instead of a full coverage foundation.


PSX_20160410_153105Bourjois 123Perfect CC Cream: This CC cream is like magic – it has three different correctors in the product – apricot who works as anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness and white to act against dark spots in the skin. It has a SPF of 15 which means it will work well during the spring for that SPF effect. It’s light enough for my skin so I can use it on it’s own – no need to mix it with my Zero Minus foundation. It does oxidize a little bit but not more than I can manage with the rest of my makeup routine. It says on the tube “Luminous Complexion & smooth skin”, but I don’t think that it leaves the skin illuminated to be honest. But that’s okay, it has a lot of other great things going for it – it’s so easy to use, blends out great and it wears beautifully throughout the day. It’s not a CC cream – it’s a full on foundation! I sheer it out a little bit and it still has it’s colour correcting properties which is great!


Cover FX Custom Color Drops: I just recently did a post about this foundation. I think it’s PSX_20160410_152648a wonderful idea. It’s super concentrated and has a dropper so it mixes easily with other products. I can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer which you now are able to tint a little to get the best of both worlds – amazing skincare and a coverage that you decide for yourself. On days where your skin is looking tired use two drops on other days use one – perfect! I did try to use this foundation on it’s own for the sake of this post. I didn’t like it, I’m afraid.. the look of this foundation on it’s own is not great – it did get into my pores and enlarged them – that’s not what you want from a foundation :).

What’s your favorite foundations? I would love to know 🙂



10 thoughts on “My top 5 foundations: Bourjois, EX1, Cover FX and Estee Lauder Enlighten EE

  1. I have just started using a BB Cream, and I love it! I’m looking for something I can wear out in the sun and to the lake this summer. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

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    1. It all depends on how much SPF you want. Last year I used TheBalm Shelter which is a tinted moisturizer with the SPF of 18. I’ve also used the L’Oréal New Nude Magique CCCream with an SPF of 20. This year I will probably use the Estée Lauder EE Even Effect because it has a SPF of 30. But there are great moisturizers with SPF as well. Last year I also used the Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 which was great!

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  2. Great post, I have been looking for some new foundations to try out!! Right now I am using the Kat Von D foundation and I love it, but I need to expand my horizons. Lol

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    1. Thank you, Halle :). Yes, I know Kat Von D but it’s a brand that is difficult to get your hands on i Europe :(. I would love to own the contour kit and the eyeshadow palette!


    1. Yes, I know that you guys in the States have a real problem getting these foundations. The taxes from EU to the US are really high :(. But are selling Bourjois foundations if you are familiar with that site?


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