In love with: Sleek MakeUP highlighting palette in ‘Solstice’

img_20160414_165447.jpgHello you guys :). I have a new love in my life – this fantastic highlighting palette from Sleek MakeUP. I’ve been eying it out a couple of times, but when I watched a snap with Jaclyn Hill with this highlighter on I knew i had to buy it! She was in awe of how much it radiated light from her cheekbones, and it did look amazing on her! It’s possible to buy Sleek makeUP in Denmark from I know the brand Sleek MakeUP because I bought two of their eyeshadow palettes a while ago and they are very reasonably priced.

Anyway, back to the star og the show: The highlighting palette in Solstice. It contains four different products: a creamy highlighter, two very shimmery powders and one finely milled powder/highlighter. The cream highlighter is a true champagne borderline frosty colour. The two shimmers are purple and peach. The finely milled one is a true yellow powder/shimmer.

The creamy highlighter can be used alone or as a primer, if you want a really shimmerypsx_20160415_202247.jpg highlighted effect. I used it like that on my Bright Spring Makeup Look where I used the salmon/peachy shimmery powder on top of the cream on the cheekbones. It look fantastic! It’s like having liquid gold on your cheekbones – not a hint of glitter, just he finest looking shimmer that flows together beautifully. I used the purple on my eyelids for the Bright Spring Look and it looked great! I have to say, honestly – I don’t have a highlighter like this; the way it’s like liquid gold on your face. I just want to stand in front of a mirror, lights on me and moving my head back and forth just to see the highlighter beaming back at me :). I highly recommend this product!

Have any of you tried this palette? Have a great weekend!



Author: Dittes makeup

Jeg har lagt makeup på mig selv og veninder i hele min ungdom. Jeg har mit eget touch og finder gerne mærker, som jeg skal lede længe for at finde. Jeg elsker at lege med makeup og se, hvordan det bare GØR noget ved ansigtet. Der er flere dage om ugen, hvor jeg ikke går med makeup - flest dage, hvor jeg er hjemme ;). Når jeg er ude kan jeg ikke lade være at lægge en fin makeup. Any excuse til at eksperimentere med et nyt look!

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