Next big trend in makeup – Stick everything?

Colour Dots Lip & Cheek Sheers, SANGRIA, large
Laura Mercier: Colour Dots Lip & Cheek Sheers

We all know that contouring, strobing, correcting the skin has been and are at present huge trends in makeup. But I feel lika a new trend is already on the horizon. I see makeup in stick form being launched from a lot of companies. The trend has been seen with Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, Nudestix, Cliniques Chubbysticks, Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation and many more.

clinique chubby sticks
Billede lånt fra Cliniques hjemmeside

I guess the trend is really good news for busy girls; you kind of just smear the stick on the area of your face it belongs i.e the Chubby Stick on your cheek and blend out with your Laura Mercier Caviar stickfingers or a brush and you are good to go. For the eyes we have seen Laura Merciers Caviar Sticks that are suppose to be creamy but dry down. I have been following Kim Kardashians makeupartist Mario Dedivanovic. He’s doing a lot of “Masterclasses” around the world, mostly the US. I see him do a lot of this “double layering” of the eyeshadow to make it look prettier and last longer. So the trick is to apply a creamy stick too the eye and afterwards apply the powder shadow.

Billedresultat for makeup forever ultra hd stick foundation

The sticks will be easy to take with you in your purse to make touch ups during the day.



Will you hop on the stick trend in the future?





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