3 Great Foundations for yellow undertones!

Great foundationsforyellow skintonesHello, you guys! It seems that many of you are interested in getting tips for foundations and how to match them to your undertone. I get you! There are many foundations at the cheaper end that contains too much pink / red tone. I do not know why and it’s a big mystery because there are probably more people in the Western World who have a neutral or warm undertone in the skin and therefore need to be more yellow color in their foundations.

If you are in doubt about the undertone of your skin, here’s a mini-guide to find it:

  • Look in the mirror, preferably with the shoulders / chest bare – what do you see? You see most yellow or reddish beam from your skin? Red means you probably have a cold / red undertones in the skin. Yellow means that you have a warm undertone of the skin.
  • Look at your blood vessels in the thin skin on the inside of the wrist – are they more blue or green? (If they are both green and blue you probably have a neutral skin tone). Blue means you probably have a red / cold undertone of the skin and green veins mean you probably have a yellow / warm undertone of the skin.
  • When you sunbathe, you lovely brown immediately or you will first right red, and then turn brown (equal)? Brown immediately means you probably have a yellow / warm undertone of the skin. If you light turns red and burned there is a greater likelihood that you have a cold / red undertones in the skin.

How do you match your skin to your foundation ?:

There may be a lot of confusion about how to match foundation to your skin tone/undertone. I recommend doing a little homework and finding the undertone to your skin before venturing into buying a new foundation.

When you match your foundation, it should preferably match your neck and chest, because that part of your body will be visible. You may have areas of red in your face, but your chest / neck is more yellowish. Then you should choose a more yellowish foundation because it will look more natural to your overall look. If you have a neutral skin tone / undertone, you will probably benefit from a foundation with a more yellowish tone, because a pink foundation won’t be flattering to your overall appearance.

3 recommendations:

Those who read with me often that I like to shop online for international brands. I find much inspiration in the “beauty community” found on Youtube and among bloggers. From there I have found brands that have a larger series of foundations, that is where you can get a better match for your skin type.

However, I would say that particularly L’Oréal which most high street stores carries, now knows,Loreal true match that we want a foundation that really suit us. They have their True Match Super Blendable Foundation which has both warm, cool and neutal undertones. The True Match foundation is particularly good for those of you who have a normal / combination skin and would like a natural finish. For dry skin, they have True Match Lumi. The Lumi version doesn’t have as big of a range, unfortunately.

PSX_20160410_152547The EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation has a really nice finish and has strong yellow undertones. The store http://www.hghair.com carries the EX1 brand. The range of EX1 isn’t great but I’m sure most people would be able to find something to match their tone. For me, being fair skin, even the lightest shade, the F100 is a little to dark. What I do is blend it with my Face Atelier Foundation in Minus Zero. But I would say that this foundation come with high recommenadtions from many Youtubers as well. This foundation is very reasonably priced at around 15-20 dollars.


The high end brand Cover FX, have their Custom Cover Drops range. This little bottle is so versatile. You use the dropper to mix the product into your favorite moisturizer or beauty oil. The range is great, from fair to deep and as the L’Oreal True Match, it’s divived into warm, neutral and cool shades. click here to purchase.


I hope that this post could help you a little bit on your way to finding a perfect match for your undertone 🙂


6 thoughts on “3 Great Foundations for yellow undertones!

    1. I know of your struggles! I have a porcelain to fair complexion which is why I bought the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in zero minus! I mix it in with any foundation and it lightens it. Best purchase ever for us fair skin girls!


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