summer dress wishlist.

I’ve been scouring around ASOS.COM for the sale season. I actually have a clothing haul coming up on the blog, but firstly, my dress wishlist. Summer is the season for dresses and I’m seeing so many dresses that I would love to own 🙂

Top left is a subtle lace dress in a cool grey colour. Bottom left is a flowy black dress, perfect for a curvy body with the bell sleeves evening out the figure. Right side is a lovely, structured white dress which has a nice length, covers the arms and shows a little bit of leg.

Left side, floral gown that goes in at the waist and a little floral sleeve that covers the arms.

Middle, structured yet effortless white dress for lovely summer evenings.

Right side, structured dress on the formal side. I love stripes!



Another day, another ootd.

wp-1470746592442.jpgHi there! I must admit I enjoyed posting my outfit of the day yesterday because of the reaction from you guys!

I know that there are many of you out there, that are struggling with finding cool, edgy and on trend outfits when you don’t fit into size 4 or 6.

Today I took a stroll with my baby boy, I had some errands to run. This is my outfit today :).


PS – does anyone else have that problem with your jeans? I just found a pair that suits me, but they are too long. I don’t understand the clothing business. She is bigger, therefore, she is also taller??? No, I can be bigger and  a regular height, yes, it’s possible!



Kimono: – jeans – jacket H&M. (




Can I Use Face Cream With SPF As Sun Protection?

Kiehl_s_Ultra_Light_Daily_Defense_SPF50_60ml_1442302112Springtime is here and particularly for those of us in Northern Europe now is the time to know how to protect yourself from the UV rays from the sun. The rest of the world – your seasons are probably different, but I hope that you find this blog post helpful anyway. Because the question I want to look into today is: can you use face cream with SPF as sun protection?

I decided to look for valid information and sources on the Internet. I have availed myself of articles from Consumer Council “Think” and Asthma And Allergy Association. As I am Danish I use sources who are well known for their interest in consumers and consumer health.
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The creative blogger award

Thank you so much to the talented Amel for this wonderful nomination! Pop over to Herquarters and check out her lovely blog.

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PSX_20160305_143348Hello everyone! I just recently went out to Babysam and also did a little shopping online on Babysam is, for those of you who are not Danish a huge store filled with baby stuff. is a Swedish based online clothing, furniture, makeup and shoe store. I didn’t use to think much of Ellos, but they have made a huge kind of comeback and one of their top sellers I’m sure is this Moroccan inspired black and white rug (which I alsoEllos Pure Deco bought). Continue reading “ and Babysam haul!!”

Makeup for Baby Massage Class and a few benefits of baby massage


Okay, no judgement :). I went to a baby massage class today with my 3 month old baby boy. I really want to learn the technique and I’m glad I went because I got to hear all of the benefits of baby massage.

Being a makeup junkie like me of course I need to wear a little bit of makeup. As I sad – no judgement! 😉 Even though I am in the company of other mothers who hardly get any sleep, bags under the eyes, comfy clothes etc. I like to wear just a little bit of makeup – that’s just me. Continue reading “Makeup for Baby Massage Class and a few benefits of baby massage”