Review: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Zero Minus

Face Atelier Zero MinusIn my recent splurge from I bought the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero Minus. As I mentioned before I am very pale to the point that I have difficulty finding a colour that suits me, unless the brand has chosen to have a very wide range of foundations. One of my favorite YouTube makeup artists Lisa Eldridge talked about this product, Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero minus, which is used for toning down the colour of the foundation. This is especially beneficial for skin tones like mine (almost white in the winter time). Continue reading “Review: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Zero Minus”

Review: Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser


Caudalie Instant Foaming CleanserI recently bought the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser. I’ve wanted to try this face wash type product in a while because I’ve heard good things about it.
The company itself is from France and is using wine grapes in their skincare. That is just so ‘authentic French culture’ and I love it.

When I was a child we vacationed in the south of France. We drank in the scents of the French countryside, visited vineyards where the proprietiers opened a bottle of wine which my parents would taste and maybe buy a few bottles. Continue reading “Review: Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser”

My perfect looking skin day with Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer.

happy_light_luminous_serum_primerSome time ago I bought a primer from the Bourjois Happy Light collection called Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer. If you are new to my blog you don’t know it yet, but I am beyond obsessed with Bourjois skin products; foundations CC-creams etc.

I used this primer a few times back when I bought it but I wasn’t too impressed, why I don’t know. Maybe I have been using it wrong but when I tried it again a month ago I am once again impressed with Bourjois. My skin was glowing all day! Continue reading “My perfect looking skin day with Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer.”

My new obsession Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum


Healthy Mix SerumHere is a review about my new favorite foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

It is marvellous! As I have dry skin winter time is such a challenge for me. Many foundations have a tendency to look dry and boring on my skin. But the formulation of this foundation is wonderful, it leaves the skin glowing and really true to it’s name: Healthy.  I didn’t think it was possible and I am feeling like a new person!

I can only say, if you have dry skin go and buy this foundation! It’s excellent for warm toned skin as it has a yellow/warm tone to it. I am more on the cool side but it works for me as well. Side note, Bourjois is from the same company as Chanel, maybe that’s why the qualitity is so on point.

I bought mine on but it can also be purchased on

What are some of your favorite foundations this time of year?