Smokey Nude Eye using Chanel Entrelacs Eyeshadow Palette.

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I have a new eyeshadow palette to try out – the Chanel Entrelacs Eyeshadow Palette. It looks like a go to palette for nude and natural eye looks. It has a perfect blend of both light and darker colours and matte and shimmery shades, which makes it very versatile. The no. 1 and 2 shade has a matte finish and no.3-5 has a shimmery finish.


Today I’ll show you how you what colours I used to achieve this everyday kind of smokey nude eye look:

  • I started by priming my eyes with a concealer. Then I dusted the no. 1 shade all across my eye from eyelid til browbone.
  • Afterwards the no. 2 shade in the crease and blended it out with a natural hair fluffy brush – Sigma E35.
  • With my Sigma E25, slightly smaller fluffy hair brush I chose shade no. 3 on the outer edge of the lid and blended slightly up into the crease for some definition to the eye.
  • With a flat eyeshadow brush, I used the no. 5 shade on the eyelid to add some shimmer to the look. I like to add the shimmer on the eyelid, it gives dimension and a touch of life to the look.
  • Underneath the lashline, I took a flat definer brush along the lashline on the outer third of the eye. With my Sigma E25 I then took no. 2 to blend the harsh line out to make the undereye a bit smokey too.

I was very impressed with how easy the colours were to work with. Very blendable, not chalky or patchy – both the matte and the shimmery shade

I didn’t use any liner, I wanted the look to be suitable for daytime so I wanted to keep it soft and as natural as possible. Lots of mascara and I’m good to go!


Ditte summer dress wishlist.

I’ve been scouring around ASOS.COM for the sale season. I actually have a clothing haul coming up on the blog, but firstly, my dress wishlist. Summer is the season for dresses and I’m seeing so many dresses that I would love to own 🙂

Top left is a subtle lace dress in a cool grey colour. Bottom left is a flowy black dress, perfect for a curvy body with the bell sleeves evening out the figure. Right side is a lovely, structured white dress which has a nice length, covers the arms and shows a little bit of leg.

Left side, floral gown that goes in at the waist and a little floral sleeve that covers the arms.

Middle, structured yet effortless white dress for lovely summer evenings.

Right side, structured dress on the formal side. I love stripes!



Pastel delight makeup look using The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes.

Beautiful shimmer!

I first tried the Body Shop Shimmer Cubes back in 2014 when I was digging through a colleagues makeup bag. It was minutes before the annual Christmas party and I offered to do my colleagues makeup for the party. I’ve always loved doing makeup – both on my own face and on other faces. I love the way it transforms and enhances the best features of a person’s face.

Anyway, back to the shimmer cubes: my colleague either had this particular product or one very similar to this. Hers was warm golden and bronzy shades. I actually ended up using the shadows for all of my colleagues. The product was so versatile; I used it for the shadow on the eyelid, as a highlight and for all over shimmer. It was the Christmas party, you can go all out! Since then I have kept one eye open for the product. You know the feeling, right? Once you’ve encountered a lovely and versatile product you go on a hunt!

Suddenly I saw this at my local Body shop – even as a part of a sale! I tend to go for cooler colours so I chose a peachy/pink version and a white/grey/black version.

I’ve been wanting to put them to the test ever since but it’s been vacation and family time for the whole of July. Now, as we enter August vacation is over and I have had time to put together a look using the peachy/pink cube. I wanted to use it as both eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and all-over shimmer.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of makeup looks for the blog at this point it’s become obvious that I do have a light hand in applying makeup. Also, my makeup doesn’t show up on images as much as I would like it to. That being said, I kind of like a light hand when applying makeup. In my opinion, it looks fresh whereas heavy makeup tends to look ageing, and who want’s that? 🙂

I also got the chance to try one of my new Maxfactor products that I absolutely love! I’ve been gifted the new Miracle Match Foundation. It says that it nourishes and blurs and I would say that it actually does just that. I don’t use an awful lot of foundations during the summer, butI’ve found myself reaching for this foundation a lot, especially for when I knew I would take pictures. It has a wonderful finish, very glowy and dewy. It covers a lot without being heavy on the skin. I feel like it’s gonna be on my “top shelf” of products I will be reaching for this fall.

For the eyes I mixed the two lightest shades, the light pink and the light peach and applied to the eyelid. It didn’t give a ton of coverage, but I imagine used with M.A.C fix+ it would show up way more. And as I mentioned before, I like a light hand in my makeup which made it good enough for me. The shimmer is undeniable, though. As I’m typing this blog post I have been wearing this look for hours and it has incredible staying power.


The deeper pinks I used as blush. I have to be careful with deeper pinks on my skintone, I’m often too pale to wear it. I mixed it in with the lighter shades and it blended the highlight and the blush seemlessly together.

A little trick I’ve learnt from makeupartist and Youtuber Lisa Eldridge is to sweep a medium tone brown in the crease or “socket line” as she calls it :). It gives a bit of dimension to the eye when working with pale pastels.

I hope you like the look 🙂


My Bourjois Collection 💕

My bourjois collectionFrom when I was very young, Bourjois makeup was one of my favorite brands. One of the main cosmetics shops in Denmark carried Bourjois but sadly they don’t anymore. I remember maybe 10-15 years ago I had a bronze eyeshadow mini-palette there was extremely pigmented and stayed on for hours! I remember how impressed I was, none of my other eyeshadows had that kind of staying power. I could go out dancing and the makeup would stay on like there was no tomorrow!






When I saw that sell Boujois makeup I slowly began to build up my Boujois collection. Today I will go through the products because there are some definite fav’s and fails among them.


Starting with foundations, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and the 123 Perfect CC Cream – they just blow my mind! They sit beautifully on the skin, the Healthy Mix has a very light, dewy texture that enhances the skin in the most beautiful way. The 123 Perfect CC Cream has a more matte finish but it’s a very trusted foundation, it has colour correcting properties which make the skin look like very evened out. I do need to go in with a bit more makeup as it is so matte and even looking – I have to put in the contours of the face and some radiance in the form of highlighter afterward applying it.

I have two different bronzing products which don’t work for me. It’s at no fault of Bourjois it’s simply that my skin tone/undertone doesn’t go well with bronzing products at all. I have a cream and a powder and both of them are no good for me and I have to say that the scent is very powerful! And not in a good way. It smells old fashioned, like makeup you would find on the nightstand of your elderly aunt or grandmother. I don’t now why it has that scent but they really need to cancel it out, I don’t think anyone would appreciate that scent! The same with the nude coloured powder box, the product has a powerful scent. I haven’t gotten to use the powder because the scent doesn’t sit well with me.  scaring me :). The My bourjois collectionpowder in the “Healthy” range has a beautiful scent and I do really love that powder. It says on the package that it is mattifying for 10 hours. I didn’t count and my skin is pretty dry so I hardly ever have any oil on my skin.

I have a cream blush that I use if I want a light wash of colour on my cheeks. I had hoped that it had a dewy finish, but I would say it is a cream to powder product. It doesn’t blow my mind and I don’t reach for it as much as the foundations.

In the far right corner of the picture, you’ll find the CC corrector for underneath the eyes. I didn’t have any idea I would love this product, I bought it on a whim. It’s one one the best under eye correctors I have used, I would compare it to the Maybelline Eraser concealers. I find that I can use this product alone or with my regular concealer on top.

The eyeshadows in the center of the picture I haven’t had for that long. But the colours I really like! They blend really well and the wear time is acceptable.

I have two liners as well a taupe-bronze colour that I either apply in the inner corners of the eye or apply as the liner and then smudge it out for an easy everyday look.

I have to say that even though there are some misses – especially with the scent, I love Bourjois as a makeup brand. I think that the quality overall is really great and it’s “drugstore” prices which make it accessible for the majority of women.


Ditte beauty haul and NYX review!!


I wanted a new setting powder, the translucent kind. I’ve tried different powders for setting; the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder but I find it to heavy to set my concealer under the eyes. I’ve wanted to try the more expensive one you see all around the Internet; Laura Mercier and Nars but I feel like they are too expensive. I also wanted to try different things from NYX because I’ve heard about it for years.

Sooo I went on because they are now carrying NYX, yeahh!

I bought the HD powder in translucent. I’ve never seen a consistency like this before! It’s so light weight that it almost disappears, but I have used it for a couple of weeks and it was exactly what I was looking for! It goes on really smooth and it makes my skin look good.

I wanted to try the NYX under eye corrector and I had high hopes for it. I have to say that I find it a little disappoiting. It doesn’t have that much pigment and honestly I would probably get the same result with my regular concealers. I don’t know if it’s this particular shade, I have to choose the ‘fair’ shade and maybe some of the deeper tones have better coverage.

The Rimmel contour Trio it’s not the right fit for my skin tone and undertone. It’s on the warm side which just doesn’t suit me.

The little NYX palette is actually also on the warm side, when will I learn! I get so carried away when I see these beautiful palettes! That’s why I love having this blog because I want to help all of you guys buying the right kind of makeup for your skin tone and undertone.

The NYX brow mascara is acutally a really good product for busy women. You just have to be a little bit careful when applying because it distributes a lot of product.

This purchase is from about a month ago and I have become a lot wiser from this particular purchase. I thought I could be a bronze goddess – but I can’t!




3 Great Foundations for yellow undertones!

Great foundationsforyellow skintonesHello, you guys! It seems that many of you are interested in getting tips for foundations and how to match them to your undertone. I get you! There are many foundations at the cheaper end that contains too much pink / red tone. I do not know why and it’s a big mystery because there are probably more people in the Western World who have a neutral or warm undertone in the skin and therefore need to be more yellow color in their foundations.

If you are in doubt about the undertone of your skin, here’s a mini-guide to find it:

  • Look in the mirror, preferably with the shoulders / chest bare – what do you see? You see most yellow or reddish beam from your skin? Red means you probably have a cold / red undertones in the skin. Yellow means that you have a warm undertone of the skin.
  • Look at your blood vessels in the thin skin on the inside of the wrist – are they more blue or green? (If they are both green and blue you probably have a neutral skin tone). Blue means you probably have a red / cold undertone of the skin and green veins mean you probably have a yellow / warm undertone of the skin.
  • When you sunbathe, you lovely brown immediately or you will first right red, and then turn brown (equal)? Brown immediately means you probably have a yellow / warm undertone of the skin. If you light turns red and burned there is a greater likelihood that you have a cold / red undertones in the skin.

How do you match your skin to your foundation ?:

There may be a lot of confusion about how to match foundation to your skin tone/undertone. I recommend doing a little homework and finding the undertone to your skin before venturing into buying a new foundation.

When you match your foundation, it should preferably match your neck and chest, because that part of your body will be visible. You may have areas of red in your face, but your chest / neck is more yellowish. Then you should choose a more yellowish foundation because it will look more natural to your overall look. If you have a neutral skin tone / undertone, you will probably benefit from a foundation with a more yellowish tone, because a pink foundation won’t be flattering to your overall appearance.

3 recommendations:

Those who read with me often that I like to shop online for international brands. I find much inspiration in the “beauty community” found on Youtube and among bloggers. From there I have found brands that have a larger series of foundations, that is where you can get a better match for your skin type.

However, I would say that particularly L’Oréal which most high street stores carries, now knows,Loreal true match that we want a foundation that really suit us. They have their True Match Super Blendable Foundation which has both warm, cool and neutal undertones. The True Match foundation is particularly good for those of you who have a normal / combination skin and would like a natural finish. For dry skin, they have True Match Lumi. The Lumi version doesn’t have as big of a range, unfortunately.

PSX_20160410_152547The EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation has a really nice finish and has strong yellow undertones. The store carries the EX1 brand. The range of EX1 isn’t great but I’m sure most people would be able to find something to match their tone. For me, being fair skin, even the lightest shade, the F100 is a little to dark. What I do is blend it with my Face Atelier Foundation in Minus Zero. But I would say that this foundation come with high recommenadtions from many Youtubers as well. This foundation is very reasonably priced at around 15-20 dollars.


The high end brand Cover FX, have their Custom Cover Drops range. This little bottle is so versatile. You use the dropper to mix the product into your favorite moisturizer or beauty oil. The range is great, from fair to deep and as the L’Oreal True Match, it’s divived into warm, neutral and cool shades. click here to purchase.


I hope that this post could help you a little bit on your way to finding a perfect match for your undertone 🙂


“Cool queen” haul!!”

IMG_20160426_143753Once again I went on to do some VERY needed (or at least wanted) makeup. Because of my porcelain/fair complexion I struggle a lot finding good contour products. They are all too dark, too orange too… something. As I wrote in my last post Makeup Geek (the brand) came out with contour powders earlier this year and I have been DYING to get my hands on the fair/cool contour powder. It is a pet peeve of mine to find makeup that really suit my skin. That is skin type, skin tone and my cool undertone. I have made so many mistakes in my pursuit of this flawless face I see everywhere in the magazines. “Bronze goddessess”, as one of you guys commented in my latest post. I have to realize that I will never be a “bronze goddes” I will be a “cool queen” ;). See my last post here Being a cool toned woman in western makeup trends – a Lisa Eldridge inspired post.

But one thing I can do is contour my face. I want to use just the right shade for my skin tone, though. Because of the huge trends with contouring most beauty websites have a whole section of contouring products. I knew I wanted the Makeup Geek contour powder in “Break Up” so that quickly went into the basket. But in the contour section was also a 9 pan Morphe contour palette. I had to try it! I know that I sometimes am in situations where I do other people’s makeup. I love doing other people’s makeup; i love seeing the face transform in front of my eyes and I love the feeling that it gives my friends when I ‘m doing their makeup – but that’s a whole other blog post :). Anyway, it would actually be sensible of me to buy this 9 pan palette as well (I told myself ;)). Because most people don’t have cool/fair skintone – most people fall into a neutral/medium category.

Also, I had to have some good tools for all of my new found contouring products. Therefore I had to get the Morphe 6 Piece Contour Set. I thought it was a good deal, 6 brushes at around 30 dollars.

Anyway, here is what I bought:

First impression on the Morphe 9 Pan Palette:

My first impression is that I should have gone for the 6 pan palette especially designed for a cool skintone. Have I not learned anything? Of course – when they combine 6 cool and 6 warm shades there will only be a few that actually suits me. hmmm… Maybe I have to go back and buy the 6 pan set, it might be wonderful :). Anyway, there is a really great contour shade for me at the bottom row in the middle of the set. It has the right amount of grey and the tone is light enough to make an actual shadow on my face. Even though the lighter colours look really light, they are not light enough and they are to warm for my complexion. They will get used if I’m doing someone else’s makeup or as an eyeshadow when I want to add a warm colour to my crease. The pigmentation is okay and it blends in okay as well. Side note – My daughter of 5 years of age did my makeup today and I was teaching her to do the whole shabang – contour, blush and highlighter. There is a real makeup artist in the making with her :).

First impression 6 Piece Brush set from Morphe:

I really like this set! It seems super luxurious to have 6 brushes to do one job – contour! I’m spoiled for choice when I’m contouring and it feels amazing after having only one good brush from Makeup Geek to contour with. I am high maintenance; I want one brush to apply my contour and another one to blend the product! With the price of about 30 dollars I would say it’s totally worth it! You get smaller brushes as well to either do your hightligt or contour your eyes.

First Impression Gerard Cosmetics Angel Cake Lipgloss:

Well, here we go again, the colour is a bit wrong for me :(. I’m trying to find my perfect nude (who isn’t) and I had high hopes for this lipgloss. It looked beautiful as a swatch and I thought it had the right shade for my complexion but no…. It’s wrong! Too something – pale, maybe. I really can’t do nudes, my complexion is just to pale. It looks like I have no lips. Or should I say, my nude lipstick ought to be the real colour of my lips, almost mauvy-pink. Does anyone know a good colour? Same goes for the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint. Look beautiful and I had high hopes but it’s too light for my complexion.

The Makeup Geek Contour powder:

The Makeup Geek Contour powder I haven’t tried yet because I’ve been putting the Morphe Palette to the test. But I do see that the shade Break Up is very similar to the shade I was talking about in the beginng;  the middle one at the bottom row. I know I’m going to like it, I haven’t met a Makeup Geek product yet that I didn’t like!






Being a cool toned woman in Western makeup trends – a Lisa Eldridge inspired post.

cropped-cropped-cropped-psx_20150419_1118461.jpgSo, okay, this might be a little bit of af rambling blog post so bare with me! Yesterday i watched Lisa Eldridge’s Youtube video where she compares her thoughts of Eastern (Japanese and Korean) trends in makeup and western (Europe and America) trends. The video is just genius! I loved her videos to begin with because of her great knowledge of all things makeup. She is hugely succesful and does makeup on all the biggest stars. This video ‘East Meet West’ just sums up everything we need to know about makeup and WHY we all like what we like. The video just totally gave me an understandig of why I as a cool toned woman with a fair to porcelain complexion struggles in the western world trend. Watch it here.

She explains how the trend in the wesern world right know is all about that glow, being tan, being bronzed. The trends in Asia is more on the pink, bright side as a generalization. Over there they don’t really do bronzing or contouring, it’s all about brightness. This 20150216_111801means that all of your warm toned ladies in the West have a real moment at the moment, if you will. But the rest of us has to break of of the mainstream trends because those colours just don’t look good on us! I would look silly, washed out, sick etc. if I followed the western world trend. I can never look like a Kardashian – not that I need to, but just an example. I have to think cool colours, light pinks, greys, cool blues etc. That is so different than all of the girls in the magazines and TV. I have had this knowledge about my skintone really after I began doing this blog. I have bought A LOT of makeup that has just been wrong for my skin tone AND complexion. I bought all of those warm toned browns thinking that with my eyecolour and my brown hair, that would be just right for me. Wrong!!! I have to have neutral browns in a lighter version. I cannot use peachy, golden blushes, no I have a few pink blushes that are right for me.

When I’m doing online shopping, when I’m in a store with makeup I look for bronzers that are cool, but guess what? It still doesn’t look good on me! Because on top of being cool toned I also have a fair complexion which means that almost every bronzer is gonna be too dark. I have to say that when Marlena from Makeup Geek started talking about her brand coming out with contour powder I was so happy! She made contour powders for all skin tones AND complexion from fair to deep – amazing!

Bronzing isn’t the same as contouring, I know but all of you warm and neutral girls can to some extend pull off a contour with your cool bronzers. There are not many brands that come out with that specific kind of bronzer and not drugstore prices. I know that up to Makeup Geek coming out with her contour powders Kevin Aucoin made one that apparantly was amazing.  Yes, the price was pretty amazing as well :).

So what’s a cool toned woman’s got to do? Well, we have to realize that we can not be on trend at the moment – we have to find our own colours and have them look great on our faces. I’m okay with that, but I must say that I do get jealous when I see a warm toned grl doing her warm toned makeup, bronzer, rose gold eyes….. I’m just over here with my neutral browns, pinks, purples and blues. And thank you to Becca Cosmetics for making that highlighter in Pearl. Highlighter can be tricky as well, because cool toned girls just don’t look good with golden highlights, I’m using icy highlighters and white, icy eyeshadows for highlighting as well 🙂

Have any of you guys had the same experience?



In love with: Sleek MakeUP highlighting palette in ‘Solstice’

img_20160414_165447.jpgHello you guys :). I have a new love in my life – this fantastic highlighting palette from Sleek MakeUP. I’ve been eying it out a couple of times, but when I watched a snap with Jaclyn Hill with this highlighter on I knew i had to buy it! She was in awe of how much it radiated light from her cheekbones, and it did look amazing on her! It’s possible to buy Sleek makeUP in Denmark from I know the brand Sleek MakeUP because I bought two of their eyeshadow palettes a while ago and they are very reasonably priced.

Anyway, back to the star og the show: The highlighting palette in Solstice. It contains four different products: a creamy highlighter, two very shimmery powders and one finely milled powder/highlighter. The cream highlighter is a true champagne borderline frosty colour. The two shimmers are purple and peach. The finely milled one is a true yellow powder/shimmer.

The creamy highlighter can be used alone or as a primer, if you want a really shimmerypsx_20160415_202247.jpg highlighted effect. I used it like that on my Bright Spring Makeup Look where I used the salmon/peachy shimmery powder on top of the cream on the cheekbones. It look fantastic! It’s like having liquid gold on your cheekbones – not a hint of glitter, just he finest looking shimmer that flows together beautifully. I used the purple on my eyelids for the Bright Spring Look and it looked great! I have to say, honestly – I don’t have a highlighter like this; the way it’s like liquid gold on your face. I just want to stand in front of a mirror, lights on me and moving my head back and forth just to see the highlighter beaming back at me :). I highly recommend this product!

Have any of you tried this palette? Have a great weekend!



Bright Spring Makeup Look

imageSå er foråret endelig kommet og vi kan finde de fine, lyse farver frem til ansigtet. Det er også i foråret og om sommeren, at det ser fint ud med en pang-farve på den nederste vippekant. Billedet gør desværre ikke makeuppen helt retfærdighed, der var mørkt og den flotte turkise pang-farve på nederste vippekant træder ikke så tydeligt frem som jeg gerne ville have det. Men den var helt turkis!

Jeg har lige modtaget min pakke fra min danske yndlingsmakeup netbutik i går og fik lyst til at lege med det nye makeup. Det blev til det her look, som jeg vil kalde bright spring look, fordi jeg har brugt lyse, fine farver.

Jeg havde købt den nye highlight palette fra Sleek MakeUP i Solstice, som har fået gode img_20160414_165447.jpgreviews rundt omkring på sociale medier. Den ser lidt sjov ud i farverne: gul, ferskenfarvet og lilla highlighter (!), men den er simpelthen så flot! Jeg tror faktisk, at det er en af mine nye yndlingshighlightere! Jeg fik lyst til at lave et look, hvor jeg brugte alle farverne, både til øjne og som en almindelig highlighter.


Nedenfor gennemgår jeg, hvilke produkter jeg brugte til looket og hvordan jeg arbejdede med dem.


Som sædvanlig min Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum som base. Den er perfekt til foråret, for den har en flot finish, der giver huden glød. Jeg har erhvervet mig Kevin Aucoins Sensual Skin Enhancer, som er en slags concealer/foundationmixer. Det er en meget cremet og koncentreret sag og jeg synes ikke, at den har virket så godt, når jeg har prøvet den. Men udover Sleek paletten har jeg også købt tre nye pensler fra Eco Tools (fordi jeg havde brug for dem ;). Den ene var en fluffy concealerpensel, som rigtig kan blende concealeren ind på huden under øjet. Det blev faktisk rigtig flot med den pensel  – godt jeg købte den! 🙂

Så til øjnene. En neutral brun i globelinien blev påført med en stor dejlig blending pensel. Det er vigtigt at få neutraliseret de helt lyse og sarte pastelfarver, så det ikke bliver for kraftigt. Dernæst den lilla farve fra Sleek paletten på låget med lidt M.A.C Fix+ sprøjtet på påføringsbørsten. M.A.C Fix+ kan bruges til lidt af hvert, men er god til at gøre en shimmerøjenskygge lidt mere shimmery. Derefter brugte jeg en smudgerbørste til at lave en tynd streg med den turkise øjenskygge fra Makeup Geek. “Mermaid” hedder den. Det får virkelig liv til øjnene! Afslutningsvis påførte jeg lidt mørk kohl på den øverste vippekant for at ramme looket lidt ind, så det ikke blev for blegt. Masser af sort mascara fra Max Factor og lidt af den lilla highlighter i den inderste øjenkog, så øjet virkelig ‘popper’.

Videre til ansigtet. Jeg elsker, når jeg tager al min makeup frem og lader fantasien og kreativiteten råde. Til dette look ville jeg også lægge lidt kontour i mit ansigt (God knows I need it). Det får lige kindbenene frem fra gemmerne og lidt form på ansigtet igen. Jeg ville aldrig konturere mit ansigt på daglig basis, men til en særlig lejlighed ser det flot ud. JEg brugte en øjenskygge fra Makeup Geek, som jeg altid bruger til det. Den hedder Barcelona Beach og er en grålig brun farve, som er god til kontur. Jeg går og venter på forskellige kontur produkter, så indtil de når min postkasse må jeg bruge denne øjenskygge. Konturen bliver blandet godt ud, ellers ligner det bare to striber på kinderne :). Herefter blush fra Makeup Geek i Spell Bound og så tilbage til Sleek paletten og gå amok i farverne. Man får et super flot resultat, når man påfører den cremede highlighter som en slags primer og derefter en af pudder highlighterne bagefter. Jeg brugte den ferskenfarvede på kindbenene og det var faktisk ligesom at påføre lys på kindbenene; de glødede uden at man kunne se stykker af glimmer, bare som flydende lys på kinderne – virkelig flot! Jeg ville ønske, at kameraet kunne opfange det bedre, men det var SÅ flot in person.

Sleek MakeUP Solstice paletten kan købes her.

Dette look kommer jeg helt sikkert til at lave igen!

Mange hilsner


(Indlægget er som mine andre indlæg ikke sponsoreret, bare min egen holdning til makeup)